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Open up to the world with TurkishExporter.Net! started its journey for “more export”, “more production and employment” principle and have been a solution partner of small and medium sized enterprises for their growth in foreign markets and finding new markets. It shares its foreign political, cultural and economic experiences with Turkish exporters. It has contributed to export operations of thousands of leading companies. It has brought manufacturers and those intending to export with leading worldwide companies. With its customer oriented services continues to be fellow of Turkish business people.

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Dear Customers, For more than 10 years, our company has been making Sustainable Agriculture Practices on paprika, mint, basil, thyme, cumin…etc from Bergama to Odemis regions in Izmir over 3000 hectars of fields. These products are processed in our factory in Kemalpasa. Our Company is a member of ASTA and ETA. To comply with the high quality approach, we have implemented strict quality management standards such as BRC ( SGS A ++Grade), ISO 22000, HACCP and …. In addition, our philosophy of quality extends to the special product and production standards Organic, Fairtrade, Kosher and Halal. As a trusted supplier of herbs & spices products, we serve domestic and international customers. Our research and development team works with the input of our customers to create new and innovative world class products. We are also able to offer with private label packed products from 10 grams to 25 kg packs. In Turkey we supply Unilever, Dr.Oetker, Nestle, Frito Lay, Pınar Et ,Torku Et, Lezita, Keskinoğlu, CP, Er Piliç, Şen Piliç , Esaslı, Ülker, Eti, Namet, Banvit, Bahar Tavukçuluk, Bereket Döner, Migros, Aytaç Panagro , Tamek , Tukaş, Susitaş combi products, as well as mono spices and mixtures. We respond to the market's demand and desire for high quality and provide added value products to meet and exceed market requirements. Omeroglu is your reliable partner for the development and production of tailor-made products that consumers really want. Our herbal tea company SANICAY is able to offer FC(0,2mm – 2mm ) and GC (0,3mm– 10 mm) products to herbal tea market. We supply Lipton, Dogus, Beta, Caykur companies.



“Kemalpaşa Yolu Üzeri, Kızılüzüm Köyü Mevkii, Kamalpaşa, İzmir, Türkiye”

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